Vexim2 ...

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Vexim2 ...

Непрочитанное сообщение p.b.Leo » 2010-02-06 5:13:50

Пытался произвести установку vexim по этой статье (а точнее переводу) с поправками на Ubuntu ...
вроде все пункты сделал, но при заходе в сам vexim вижу это:

Warning: require_once(DB.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/webmaster/www/vexim/config/variables.php on line 3

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'DB.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /home/webmaster/www/vexim/config/variables.php on line 3

... в начале подумал, что не хватает какого то файла, но всё вроде на месте ... переливал всё неоднократно с офф-сайта ...

Конфиг vexima

Код: Выделить всё

  /* SQL Database login information */
  require_once "DB.php";
  include_once dirname(__FILE__) . "/i18n.php";

  $sqlserver = "unix+localhost";
  $sqltype = "mysql";
  $sqldb = "vexim";
  $sqluser = "vexim";
  $sqlpass = "пароль";
  $dsn = "$sqltype://$sqluser:$sqlpass@$sqlserver/$sqldb";
  $db = DB::connect($dsn);
  if (DB::isError($db)) { die ($db->getMessage()); }

  /* We use this IMAP server to check user quotas */
  $imapquotaserver = "{}";
  $imap_to_check_quota = "no";

  /* Setting this to 0 if only admins should be allowed to login */
  $AllowUserLogin = 1;

  /* Choose whether to break up domain and user lists alphabetically */
  $alphadomains = 1;
  $alphausers = 1;

  /* Set to either "des" or "md5" depending on your crypt() libraries */
  $cryptscheme = "md5";

  /* Choose the type of domain name input for the index page. It should
     either be 'static', 'dropdown' or 'textbox'. Static causes the
     domain name part of the URL to be used automatically, and the user
     cannot change it. Dropdown uses a dropdown style menu with <select>
     and <option>. Textbox presents a blank line for the user to type
     their domain name one. Textbox might be prefered if you have a
     large number of domains, or don't want to reveal the names of sites
     which you host */
  $domaininput = "dropdown";

  /* The UID's and GID's control the default UID and GID for new domains
     and if postmasters can define their own.
  $uid = "90";
  $gid = "90";
  $postmasteruidgid = "yes";

  /* The location of your mailstore for new domains.
     Make sure the directory belongs to the configured $uid/$gid! */
  $mailroot = "/usr/local/mail/";

  /* path to Mailman */
  $mailmanroot = "";

  /* sa_tag is the default value to offer when we create new domains for SpamAssassin tagging
     sa_refuse is the default value to offer when we create new domains for SpamAssassin dropping */
  $sa_tag = "2";
  $sa_refuse = "5";

  /* max size of a vacation message */
  $max_vacation_length = 255;

  /* Welcome message, sent to new POP/IMAP accounts */
  $welcome_message = "Welcome, {$_POST['realname']} !\n\nYour new E-mail account is all ready for you.\n\n"
                   . "Here are some settings you might find useful:\n\n"
		   . "Username: {$_POST['localpart']}@{$_SESSION['domain']}\n"
		   . "POP3 server: mail.{$_SESSION['domain']}\n"
		   . "SMTP server: mail.{$_SESSION['domain']}\n";

  /* Welcome message, sent to new domains */
  $welcome_newdomain = "Welcome, and thank you for registering your e-mail domain\n"
  		     . "{$_POST['domain']} with us.\n\nIf you have any questions, please\n"
		     . "don't hesitate to ask your account representitive.\n";
система Ubuntu 8.04
Стоит -
Apache 2.2.8;
PHP 5.2.4 (Zend Engine 2.3.0);
MySQL 5.0.51;
Exim 4.69;
Dovecot 1.0.10

как быть, где копать ?

:cry: help ..

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Re: Vexim2 ...

Непрочитанное сообщение p.b.Leo » 2010-02-07 19:43:40

проблема была в том, что у меня не было pear ...
Сделал всё так:

Код: Выделить всё

sudo apt-get install php-pear
sudo apt-get install php5-dev
sudo apt-get install php5-dev
После добавил в php.ini

Код: Выделить всё

; install the uploadprogress library for Drupal (FileField module)

Код: Выделить всё

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Код: Выделить всё

$ whereis pecl
pecl: /usr/bin/pecl

sudo /usr/bin/pecl install uploadprogress
Проблема решена ! :smile: ... не все правда .. но об этом в др. раз, пока гугль не вскрою ...