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Надвигающаяся параноя???

Добавлено: 2007-09-16 0:30:28
Кто что скажет по поводу данной ссылки? а то у меня похоже параноя развивается.

Re: Надвигающаяся параноя???

Добавлено: 2007-09-16 0:32:22
Alex Keda
какая связь с паранойей?

Re: Надвигающаяся параноя???

Добавлено: 2007-09-16 0:34:22
Из FAQ на сайте

Q. What is a TPM?
A. The TPM is a microcontroller that stores keys, passwords and digital certificates. It typically is affixed to the motherboard of a PC. It potentially can be used in any computing device that requires these functions. The nature of this silicon ensures that the information stored there is made more secure from external software attack and physical theft. Security processes, such as digital signature and key exchange, are protected through the secure TCG subsystem. Access to data and secrets in a platform could be denied if the boot sequence is not as expected. Critical applications and capabilities such as secure email, secure web access and local protection of data are thereby made much more secure. TPM capabilities also can be integrated into other components in a system.

Q. What about smaller devices that might not have the real estate or cost structure to support a separate piece of silicon for TPM functions?
A. TCG and its work groups are evaluating this issue and may end up offering vendors options in providing the functionality of the TPM for various devices. Vendors also can package the TPM or provide I/O suitable for systems other than PCs – the TCG specification is flexible in this regard. For example, some vendors already offer TPM functionality integrated into other chips.

Re: Надвигающаяся параноя???

Добавлено: 2007-09-16 9:37:23
слыхал о таком! только про антивирус! хз. наверно есть причины каторыи пораждают пораною!