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Motion перестал работать

Добавлено: 2012-07-27 5:08:12
Подскаажите все работала отлично - плата bktr. После последних обновлений получил

Код: Выделить всё

 [2] Retrying until successful connection with camera
 [2] vid_start: You must setup netcam_url

Код: Выделить всё

#===============        PROGRAM SETTINGS
daemon on
process_id_file /var/run/motion.pid
setup_mode off
netcam_tolerant_check off
frequency 0
netcam_http 1.0
#===============        Round Robin (multiple inputs on same video device name)
roundrobin_frames 5
roundrobin_skip 2
switchfilter off
#===============        MOTION
threshold 5000
threshold_tune off
noise_level 32
noise_tune off
;despeckle EedDl

lightswitch 70

minimum_motion_frames 2
pre_capture 0
post_capture 120
gap 60
max_mpeg_time 120
# Always save images even if there was no motion (default: off)
output_all off

#===============        Image File Output
# Valid values: on, off, first, best, center
output_normal best
# Output pictures with only the pixels moving object (ghost images) (default: off)
output_motion off
quality 75
ppm off
#===============        FFMPEG related options
ffmpeg_cap_new on
ffmpeg_cap_motion off
# Use ffmpeg to encode a timelapse movie
# Default value 0 = off - else save frame every Nth second
ffmpeg_timelapse 0
# The file rollover mode of the timelapse video
# Valid values: hourly, daily (default), weekly-sunday, weekly-monday, monthly, manual
ffmpeg_timelapse_mode daily

# Enables and defines variable bitrate for the ffmpeg encoder.
# ffmpeg_bps is ignored if variable bitrate is enabled.
# Valid values: 0 (default) = fixed bitrate defined by ffmpeg_bps,
# or the range 2 - 31 where 2 means best quality and 31 is worst.
ffmpeg_variable_bitrate 0
ffmpeg_video_codec mpeg4

ffmpeg_bps 1000000
ffmpeg_deinterlace on

#============    Snapshots (Traditional Periodic Webcam File Output)
# Make automated snapshot every N seconds (default: 0 = disabled)
snapshot_interval 0
#===========     Text Display
# Draw a box
locate preview

text_right %Y-%m-%d\n%T-%q
text_left CAMERA %t %N
text_changes on

# This option defines the value of the special event conversion specifier %C
# You can use any conversion specifier in this option except %C. Date and time
# values are from the timestamp of the first image in the current event.
# Default: %Y%m%d%H%M%S
# The idea is that %C can be used filenames and text_left/right for creating
# a unique identifier for each event.
text_event %Y%m%d%H%M%S

# Draw characters at twice normal size on images. (default: off)
text_double off

#===============         DIRECTORIES
target_dir /www/motion/

snapshot_filename %Y%m%d%H%M%S-snapshot
jpeg_filename %m_%d_%H-%M%S-%t-%q
movie_filename %m_%d_%H-%M%S-%t
timelapse_filename %Y%m%d-timelapse

#===============         Webcam Server

webcam_quality 70

# Output frames at 1 fps when no motion is detected and increase to the
webcam_motion on
webcam_maxrate 15
webcam_localhost off
# Limits the number of images per connection (default: 0 = unlimited)
webcam_limit 0

#===============         HTTP Based Control
control_port 8099
control_localhost off
control_html_output on
control_authentication ччч

#===============         SQL
sql_log_image on
#sql_log_snapshot off
sql_log_mpeg on
#sql_log_timelapse off

sql_query insert into security(camera, filename, frame, file_type, time_stamp, event_time_stamp) values('%t', '%f', '%q', '%n', '%Y-%m-%d %T', '%C')
mysql_db ччч
mysql_host localhost
mysql_user ччч
mysql_password ччч

#===============         Thread config files - One for each camera.

thread /usr/local/etc/motion/camera_in.conf
thread /usr/local/etc/motion/camera_out.conf

Код: Выделить всё

#===============        WEBCAM SERVER
target_dir /www/motion/
webcam_port 8081
#===============        CONNECTION
videodevice /dev/bktr0
input 1
#===============        VIDEO SETTINGS
norm 0
width 640
height 480
framerate 25
v4l2_palette 7

Код: Выделить всё

#===============        WEBCAM SERVER
target_dir /www/motion/
webcam_port 8082
#===============        CONNECTION
videodevice /dev/bktr0
input 2
#===============        VIDEO SETTINGS
norm 0
width 640
height 480
framerate 12
v4l2_palette 7

Re: Motion перестал работать

Добавлено: 2012-08-10 0:02:32
Присоединяюсь к вопросу, таже фигня. После обновления перестал работать. Требует включить директиву netcam_url в конфиг. Но хоть с ней, хоть без неё не работает.

Re: Motion перестал работать

Добавлено: 2012-10-09 5:50:36
Помог лишь downgrade порта.

Re: Motion перестал работать

Добавлено: 2012-10-09 8:35:32
ну BSDуны пошли жидкие. хотя ТС хоть багрепорт тиснул автору motion. сейчас PR метну. там в предпоследнем обновлении порта афтар-мантейнер начудил.

Re: Motion перестал работать

Добавлено: 2012-10-10 16:53:44

вот GNATS наконец-то отлег. скоро будет в бзде нормальный motion